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You’ll have a child forever, but a baby for just one year.

Use the Dreft® Amazing Baby Days app to capture your baby’s amazing story, moment by moment, your pregnancy through his or her first year. When baby turns one, you’ll have a customized digital baby book to keep memories of the first year—forever.

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Before Baby Arrives: After Baby Arrives:
Baby Bump Tracker

Track your baby
bump as it grows.

Shower Gift Tracker

Track baby-shower gifts, and get reminders to send easy photo thank-yous to family and friends.

My Amazing Baby

Organize all photos of baby by month and milestone, from birth photos to first-year birthday-party shots.

Sweet Baby Stats

Mark baby’s height, weight and other important growth stats.

Personalize Your Digital Book
Customize for Baby Boy or Girl

Customize for Boy or Girl

Make, “Mommy, what was I like as a baby?” the beginning of a perfect afternoon with your son or daughter.

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Available for iPhone and iPad

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How-To Videos
What Is Amazing Baby Days? Overview See how this easy-to-use app is a must-have for baby’s first year. How to Get Started Getting Started See how to begin using the app. How to Capture a Moment Gift Tracker Learn how to capture all of the memories of baby’s first year. How to Create Your Baby Book Baby Book See how to create your customized digital baby book.
Questions & Answers

Q:How do I get started?

A:Amazing Baby Days is easy to use! Start with "My Pregnancy" to track your baby bump, shower gifts, ultrasound photos, and more.

Q:How do I use the app after my baby is born?

A:Amazing Baby Days has everything you need to chronicle your baby’s amazing first-year journey. Start with "Month 1," and move through the whole year, archiving photos and sweet baby firsts along the way and adding personalized captions and notes.

Q:What happens when my baby turns one?

A:When baby turns one, you’ll have a customized digital baby book with the memories, moments, and milestones of the first year—for a permanent keepsake of all the cuteness.